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2022 The Life Worth Living:
Disability, Pain, and Morality
   University of Minnesota Press
2022 The Disability Bioethics Reader
w/ Christine Wieseler
Forthcoming Spring 2023 Philosophy of Disability: An Introduction
Forthcoming Spring 2023 The Art of Flourishing: Conversations on Disability
w/ Erik Parens, Liz Bowen, and Rosemarie Garland-Thomson
Oxford University Press
Forthcoming Spring 2024 The Meaning of Disability
Oxford University Press


2022— Oxford Studies in Disabiliity, Ethics & Society
w/ Rosemarie Garland-Thomson
Oxford University Press
2020— The Journal of Philosophy of Disability
w/ Teresa Blankmeyer Burke
2020 For All of Us? On The Weight of Genomic Knowledge
w/ Erik Parens
Special Issue of The Hastings Center Report

                  SELECTED ARTICLES

Forthcoming 2022 Disability and White Supremacy
Critical Philosophy of Race
Disability, Ableism, and Social Epistemology
The Oxford Handbook of Social Epistemology
w/ Kevin Timpe
“Am I Normal?” Disability, Critical Phenomenology, and
Merleau-Ponty’s Cézanne

Chiasmi International
Reforming Informed Consent: On Disability and Genetic Counseling
The Oxford Handbook of Genetic Counseling
Elizabeth Dietz
2021 The Import of the UNCRPD and Disability Justice for Pandemic Preparedness and Response
International Pandemic Lawmaking: Conceptual and Practical Issues
w/ Rosemarie Garland-Thomson
Against Intuitive Horribleness
Genopower: On Genomics, Disability, and Impairment
Foucault Studies
The Complex Relationship Between Disability Discrimination and Frailty Scores
American Journal of Bioethics
w/ Charles E. Binkley and Andrew Schuman
Heidegger, Embodiment, and Disability
Epoché: A Journal for the History of Philosophy
2020 Against Personal Ventilator Reallocation
Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics
w/ Laura Guidry-Grimes and Katie Savin
Disability Rights as a Necessary Framework for Crisis Standards of Care
The Hastings Center Report
w/ Laura Guidry-Grimes, Katie Savin, Joseph A. Stramondo, Joel Michael Reynolds, et al.
“What If There’s Something Wrong With Her?” – How Biomedical Technologies Contribute to Epistemic Injustice in Healthcare
The Southern Journal of Philosophy
2019 The Harm of Ableism: Medical Error and Epistemic Injustice
Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal
w/ David Peña-Guzmán
Selected as the Editor’s Pick
The Meaning of Ability and Disability
The Journal of Speculative Philosophy
2018 Three Things Clinicians Should Know About Disability
American Medical Association Journal of Ethics
Merleau-Ponty, World-Creating Blindness, and the Phenomenology of Non-Normate Bodies
Chiasmi International
 2017 Ethical Principles for the Use of Human Cellular Biotechnologies
Nature Biotechnology
w/ Paul Wolpe, Karen Rommelfanger, the BEINGS working group, et al. 
Feminism and Disability
Philosophy: Feminism
w/ Anita Silvers
2016 Toward a Critical Theory of Harm: Ableism, Normativity, and Transability (BIID)
APA Newsletter on Philosophy and Medicine
Infinite Responsibility in the Bedpan: Response Ethics, Care Ethics, and the Phenomenology of Caregiving
Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy