In Preparation The Meaning of Disability
Forthcoming early 2021 Ethics After Ableism: Disability, Pain, and the History of Morality
The University of Minnesota Press

             EDITED BOOKS

Forthcoming late 2022             The Disability Bioethics Reader, w/ Christine Wieseler


Forthcoming Apr. 2020 “For All of Us? On The Weight of Genomic Knowledge,” w/ Erik Parens
The Hastings Center Report


Forthcoming 2020-2022 Reforming Informed Consent: On Disability and Genetic Counseling
The Oxford Handbook of Genetic Counseling
w/ Elizabeth Dietz
Health for Whom? Bioethics and the Challenge of Justice for Genomic Medicine
The Hastings Center Report Special Issue, Editor’s Introduction
Worldcreation: A Critical Phenomenology of Disability and Care
Philosophy of Disability: New Perspectives
Disability, Normality, and Epistemic Injustice
The Oxford Handbook of Social Epistemology
w/ Kevin Timpe
Conditioning Principles: On Bioethics and the Problem of Ableism
Applying Nonideal Theory to Bioethics
2020 “What If There’s Something Wrong With Her?” – How Biomedical Technologies Contribute to Epistemic Injustice in Healthcare
The Southern Journal of Philosophy
2019 The Harm of Ableism: Medical Error and Epistemic Injustice
Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal
w/ David Peña-Guzmán
Selected as the Editor’s Pick
The Meaning of Ability and Disability
The Journal of Speculative Philosophy
2018 Three Things Clinicians Should Know About Disability
AMA Journal of Ethics
Merleau-Ponty, World-Creating Blindness, and the Phenomenology of Non-Normate Bodies
Chiasmi International
 2017 Ethical Principles for the Use of Human Cellular Biotechnologies
Nature Biotechnology
w/ P.R. Wolpe, K.S. Rommelfanger, the BEINGS working group, et al. 
Feminism and Disability
Philosophy: Feminism w/ Anita Silvers
2016 Toward a Critical Theory of Harm: Ableism, Normativity, and Transability (BIID)
APA Newsletter on Philosophy and Medicine
Infinite Responsibility in the Bedpan: Response Ethics, Care Ethics, and the Phenomenology of Caregiving
Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy