Public Philosophy

Gene Editing Might Mean My Brother Would’ve Never Existed

The Politics of Prognosis

3 Ethical Reasons for Vaccinating Your Children

Improving Accessibility and Quality of Care for Patients with Disabilities
(w/ Christine Wieseler)

Transability or Your Body Is Not What You Think

ScreenGrab of Joel Speaking at TedxEmory

Addressing Disability Health Disparities

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“The Philosophy of Disability: Equity, Justice, and Health”
COVID Ethics Series Podcast

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“Disability, Pain, and Morality”
Chasing Leviathan

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“George Yancy Interviews Joel Michael Reynolds on Ableism”

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“Author Interview: The Life Worth Living”
The New Books Network

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“Rethinking Disability”
Hotel Bar Sessions

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The Life Worth Living
Examining Ethics

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“Disability and the Life Worth Living:
Joel Michael Reynolds in Conversation with Elizabeth Barnes”
The Philosopher

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“Disability and Ableism”
The Scholar’s Circle Radio Show

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“Leftist Politics and the Meaning of Disability”
What’s Left of Philosophy? Podcast

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“On Genomics and Disability w/ Joel Michael Reynolds”
Overthink Podcast

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“Joel Michael Reynolds on Foucault, Disability, and the History of Western Moral Philosophy”
Interviews w/ Foucauldians

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“Disability, Technology, and Flourishing w/ Joel Michael Reynolds”
ITSPmagazine’s “The Future of the Future” Podcast

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“Caregiving, Finite Responsibility, and Infinite Hope w/ Joel Michael Reynolds”
Examining Ethics Podcast

“Joel Michael Reynolds on Disability”
The UnMute Podcast*

“Joel Michael Reynolds joins Disability Studies Program and Department of Philosophy”
Georgetown Humanities Initiative

“American Philosophical Association Member Interview: Joel Michael Reynolds”
The APA Blog

“Wiley Early Career Researcher Highlight: Joel Michael Reynolds”
Wiley Humanities Festival

*(Now in print with Oxford University Press)