Public Philosophy

Gene Editing Might Mean My Brother Would’ve Never Existed

The Politics of Prognosis

3 Ethical Reasons for Vaccinating Your Children

Improving Accessibility and Quality of Care for Patients with Disabilities
(w/ Christine Wieseler)

Transability or Your Body Is Not What You Think

ScreenGrab of Joel Speaking at TedxEmory


“Disability and Quality of Life”
COVID Ethics Series Podcast (forthcoming)

“Disability, Pain, and Morality”
Chasing Leviathan

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“George Yancy Interviews Joel Michael Reynolds on Ableism”

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“Author Interview: The Life Worth Living”
The New Books Network

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“Rethinking Disability”
Hotel Bar Sessions

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The Life Worth Living
Examining Ethics

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“Disability and the Life Worth Living:
Joel Michael Reynolds in Conversation with Elizabeth Barnes”
The Philosopher

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“Disability and Ableism”
The Scholar’s Circle Radio Show

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“Leftist Politics and the Meaning of Disability”
What’s Left of Philosophy? Podcast

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“On Genomics and Disability w/ Joel Michael Reynolds”
Overthink Podcast

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“Joel Michael Reynolds on Foucault, Disability, and the History of Western Moral Philosophy”
Interviews w/ Foucauldians

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“Disability, Technology, and Flourishing w/ Joel Michael Reynolds”
ITSPmagazine’s “The Future of the Future” Podcast

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“Caregiving, Finite Responsibility, and Infinite Hope w/ Joel Michael Reynolds”
Examining Ethics Podcast

“Joel Michael Reynolds on Disability”
The UnMute Podcast*

“Joel Michael Reynolds joins Disability Studies Program and Department of Philosophy”
Georgetown Humanities Initiative

“American Philosophical Association Member Interview: Joel Michael Reynolds”
The APA Blog

“Wiley Early Career Researcher Highlight: Joel Michael Reynolds”
Wiley Humanities Festival

*(Now in print with Oxford University Press)