Accessibility and universal design are cornerstones of my pedagogy, and I work to make my classes pluralist in both letter and spirit. Among other teaching projects, I developed the first “Philosophy of Disability” course offered at Georgetown.

Here is a sample of some of the courses I’ve taught or will soon teach:

  • Philosophy of Disability (Georgetown)
  • Bioethics and Disability (Georgetown)
  • Ability Trouble (Georgetown)
  • Genopower: Genetics, Ethics, & Society (Georgetown)
  • Debt: On Capacity & Morality (Georgetown)
  • Bioethics and Genomics Research (UMass Lowell)
  • Existentialism (UMass Lowell; Dillard University)
  • Honors Intro to Ethics (UMass Lowell)
  • Engineering Ethics (UMass Lowell)
  • Ethical Issues in Technology (UMass Lowell)
  • Philosophy of Medicine & Health (Emory University)
  • Bias, Perception, & Empathy (Emory University: team taught)

Selected Guest Lectures:

  • “Ableism, Ageism, and Embodiment,” Bentley University, PH 140: Disability, Values, and Society, Dr. Stephen Campbell, Oct. 2019
  • “Disability Studies: Past, Present, and Future,” Oregon State University, PHL 275: Intro to Disability StudiesDr. Stephanie Jenkins, Jan. 2019
  • “Genomic Knowledge and the Good Biocitizen,” SUNY New Paltz, PHI 308: Philosophy and Technology, Dr. Rebecca Longtin Hansen, Sep. 2017
  • “Infotality, Disability, & Genomics,” Florida Atlantic University, PHI 4633: Biomedical Ethics, Dr. Lauren Guilmette, Mar. 2017
  • “Disability and Feminist Theory, ” PHIL 123: Intro to Feminist Theory, Dr. Katharine Davies, Emory University, Sep. 2015