My teaching interests span the history of philosophy, normative and applied ethics, social and political philosophy, continental philosophy, feminist philosophy, critical philosophy of race, and disability studies. Here are some of the courses I’ve taught:

  • Existentialism (Dillard University), Intro to Ethics (Dillard University), Intro to Philosophy of Medicine & Health (Emory University), Intro to Bioethics (Emory University), Intro to Business Ethics (Emory University), Basic Problems in Philosophy (Emory University), Bias, Perception, & Empathy (Emory University; ORDER Senior & Freshman Seminar)

Guest Lectures:

  • “Genomic Knowledge and the Good Biocitizen,” SUNY New Paltz, PHI 308: Philosophy and Technology, Dr. Rebecca Longtin Hansen, Sep. 2017
  • “What is Genomic Responsibility?” College of New Rochelle, PHL 366: Problems in Medical Ethics, Dr. Jennifer Scuro, Oct. 2017
  • “Infotality: The Role of Disability in the Genomic Age,” Florida Atlantic University, PHI 4633: Biomedical Ethics, Dr. Lauren Guilmette, Mar. 2017
  • “Disability and Feminist Theory, ” PHIL 123: Intro to Feminist Theory, Dr. Katharine Davies, Emory University, Sep. 2015
  • “The Meaning of Pain,” HLTH 230: Health & Humanities, Dr. Jennifer Sarrett, Emory University, Jan. 2014
  • “The Charmed Pendulum of Ability,” PHIL 3882: Philosophy of Literature, Dr. Lauren Guilmette, Florida Atlantic University, Nov. 2014