Dillard University

  • Instructor of Record
    2017    Existentialism (Spring)
    2016    Intro to Ethics (Fall)

Emory University

  • Instructor of Record
    2016     Intro to Philosophy of Medicine/Health (Spring)
    2015     Intro to Bioethics (Fall)
    2014     Intro to Business Ethics (Spring)
    2013     Basic Problems in Philosophy (Fall)
  • Co-Teacher
    Bias, Perception, & Empathy (Spring ORDER Senior Seminar)
    Bias, Perception, & Empathy (Fall ORDER Freshman Seminar)
    2013     Intro to Biomedical Ethics (Spring)
  • Teaching Assistant
    2012     Intro to Logic, Dr. Nicholas Fotion (Fall)

Guest Lectures:

  • “Genomic Knowledge and the Good Biocitizen,” SUNY New Paltz, PHI 308: Philosophy and Technology, Dr. Rebecca Longtin Hansen, Sep. 2017
  • “What is Genomic Responsibility?” College of New Rochelle, PHL 366: Problems in Medical Ethics, Dr. Jennifer Scuro, Oct. 2017
  • “Infotality: The Role of Disability in the Genomic Age,” Florida Atlantic University, PHI 4633: Biomedical Ethics, Dr. Lauren Guilmette, Mar. 2017
  • “Disability and Feminist Theory, ” PHIL 123: Intro to Feminist Theory, Dr. Katharine Davies, Emory University, Sep. 2015
  • “The Meaning of Pain,” HLTH 230: Health & Humanities, Dr. Jennifer Sarrett, Emory University, Jan. 2014
  • “The Charmed Pendulum of Ability: Of Savants, Normates, and Vegetables,” PHIL 3882: Philosophy of Literature, Dr. Lauren Guilmette, Florida Atlantic University, Nov. 2014