Here is a sample of the courses Dr. Reynolds teaches:

  • Bioethics and Disability (the course is based on this textbook)
  • Topics in Philosophy of Disability (State of the Field; Human Rights; The Problem of Pain; Debility, Colonialism, and the Anthropocene; Ableism; etc…)
  • Flourishing: From Quality of Life to the Good Life
  • Phenomenology of Embodiment
  • The Book of Life: Genomics, Politics, and Power
  • Knowing Queerly/Queer Epistemology
  • Intro to Ethics (How to Change the World)
  • Care Ethics: On Realizing Justice

Selected Recent Guest Lectures & Consults:

  • “Disability Ethics & Amputation Refusal,” Parkland Health & Hospital System, Institutional Ethics Committee, Dr. Jennifer Wimberly
  • “Disability, Care Ethics, and the ‘Duty to Know,'” Harvard Medical School, Disabilities in Medicine and Dentistry Working Group, Dr. Dorothy Weiss Tolchin, Apr. 2021
  • “Disability Ethics, Ableism, and Implicit Bias in Health Care,” Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, Santa Clara University, Dr. Charles Binkley, Feb. 2021
  • “Disability Studies: Past, Present, and Future,” Oregon State University, Dr. Stephanie Jenkins, Jan. 2019
  • “Fellow Creatures in (Chronic) Pain: On Oaths, Opioids, and Obligations,” College of New Rochelle, Dr. Jennifer Scuro, Apr. 2018