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Worthy Life: Ethics, Disability, and the Problem of Ableism (manuscript under review)

Journal Special Issues

“The Gift and Weight of Genomic Knowledge: In Search of the Good Biocitizen,” ed. w/ Erik Parens, The Hastings Center Report (forthcoming winter 2019)

Selected Articles & Book Chapters      = co-/multiply written

Forthcoming Renewing Medicine’s Basic Concepts: On Ambiguity, Philosophy, Ethics, and Humanities in Medicine
The Ethics of Care in Disability in American Life: An Encyclopedia of Concepts, Policies, and Controversies
Normate in 50 Concepts for a Critical Phenomenology
Merleau-Ponty, World-Creating Blindness, and the Phenomenology of Non-Normate Bodies, Chiasmi International
 2017  Ethical Principles for the Use of Human Cellular Biotechnologies, Nature Biotechnology, w/ Paul Root Wolpe, Karen S. Rommelfanger, et al. 
‘I’d Rather Be Dead Than Disabled’—The Ableist Conflation and the Meanings of DisabilityThe Review of Communication
‡ Feminist Philosophy and Disability, w/ Anita Silvers, in Philosophy: Feminism
 The Pathic Model of Disability: Identity, Moral Force, and the Politics of Pain, w/ Florian Kiuppis, International Journal of Disability, Development and Education
 2016 Toward a Critical Theory of Harm: Ableism, Normativity, and Transability (BIID)APA Newsletter on Philosophy and Medicine
Infinite Responsibility in the Bedpan: Response Ethics, Care Ethics, and the Phenomenology of CaregivingHypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy
2014 Feeding Upon Death: Pain, Possibility, and Transformation in S. Kay Toombs and Kafka’s ‘The Vulture’, in Jahrbuch Literatur und Medizin


Forthcoming Physicians’ Obligations to Disability Communities, AMA Journal of Ethics
2018 Infotality: On Living, Loving, and Dying Through Information, The American Journal of Bioethics
2016 The Ableism of Quality of Life Judgments in Disorders of Consciousness: Who Bears Epistemic Responsibility?The American Journal of Bioethics Neuroscience

Book Reviews, Responses, Forwards, Etc.

In Press The Healtholocene, essay response to Kierkegaard After the Genome: Science, Existence, and Belief in This World by Ada Jaarsma, Syndicate
Disability and Incarceration: On the Carcerality of Ability, part of a round table response to Active Intolerance by Perry Zurn and Andrew Dilts, Critical Philosophy of Race
2018 Book Review of Dangerous Discourses of Disability, Subjectivity and Sexuality by Margrit Shildrick, International Journal of Feminist Approaches to Bioethics
2017 Being Better Bodies, review of The Bioethics of Enhancement: Transhumanism, Disability, and Biopolitics by Melinda Hall, The Hastings Center Report
Book Forward to Addressing Ableism: Philosophical Questions via Disability Studies by Jennifer Scuro

Other Publications

 2018 Bioethics as Care Work, The Hastings Center Report